Monday, March 9, 2009

Interesting words from Salva Kiir...

At least as reported by Sudan Tribune:

President Kiir disclosed that SPLM had wanted the NCP-led government to remove 51 people allegedly implicated in inflicting genocide on their own people in Darfur and Southern Sudan since the founding of NCP, but the ruling party has refused to comply.

Both NCP and the SPLM party led by Kiir are partners in a Government of National Unity since signing the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement, so SPLM had wanted to avoid embarrassment from the ICC but NCP refused to comply, instead believing they could manipulate SPLM members into accepting their defiance of the court, suggested Kiir.

He further referred to the expulsion order made last week against 13 foreign aid organizations, noting that they are welcome to relocate in southern Sudan since they would be serving the same Sudanese who are said to be marginalized by the Khartoum government

Salva Kiir will eventually be testifying at the trial- though maybe not given that the genocide charge is not on the table- or will it be now that kiir is apparently "offering" new evidence. Look at it this way: The VICE-PRESIDENT of the country told the President he was concerned about genocidal actions by those under the control of the President, and the President rebuffed him. Sounds like intent to me. Will Salva Kiir "take the 5th" when the prosecutor asks him about the conversations regarding the 51 "people allegedly implicated in inflicting genocide"?

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