Monday, March 16, 2009

More testimony relevant to Darfur case

"Late Dr. John Garang de Mabior Leader of SPLM/ offered to the NCP a proposition to utilize ten thousand SPLA Soldiers and SAF to resolve the issue of Darfur."

From a recent article in Sudan Tribune. If Garang offered neutral troops from SPLA to enforce a cease-fire, and al-Bashir refused, this corroborates the presumption that al-Bashir had interests in destroying "in part" the ethnic groups that he was targeting.

Some commentators have claimed that al-Bashir had other goals in mind besides destroying in part these ethnic groups. I wonder what those goals could be and how they would be consistent with refusing to deploy forces at his disposal to ensure a peace. Presumably the alternative hypthesis is that al-Bashir wanted to defeat the counter-insurgents. But if he had means at his disposal to defeat the counter-insurgents without doing great harm to the civilians members of ethnic groups of the insurgents, why did he not avail himself of this opportunity? He was afraid that doing so would result in a diminishment of his power as President. But this is not a valid reason for him as head of state. As head of state he cannot justify the killing and destruction of members of an ethnic group by his eprsonal fear of losing power, only by his fear of the State itself losing power. But by this time Garang and SPLA were fully on the apth to becoming partners in the government.

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