Sunday, March 29, 2009

The SPLA wiser than many ICC critics

The ICC critics sometimes resort to a line of argument: Ocampo is a publicity seeking incompetent prosecutor, and the ICC indictment is a travesty, and ... [they rarely have a "what to do" after that].

SPLA at least has a consistent public position: work within the rule of law.

Pagan Amun, interviewed by Sudan Tribune:
ST: As to the ICC, part of the official position of the SPLM is that Al-Bashir should cooperate with the court, but what specifically does that mean?

Our advice before the indictment was — and that goes back again to the first indictment of Minister Ahmed Haroun and the militia commander called Kosheib — that the best course of action for the Sudan and for the National Congress is to cooperate legally with the ICC, that is to say repute the case and challenge the legality of the jurisdiction of the court itself and deal with this matter legally.

ST: But not actually at The Hague?

Yes — even at The Hague. Send lawyers defending the government of Sudan and the president or whoever is accused. And now just before the indictment decision we advised the president to cooperate with the court but also to deal with the issue of the indictment with restraint and wisdom and avoid any escalation of the situation, avoid confrontation with the international community — that was our advice to them.

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