Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Divorce is coming... what to do about the kids?

North and South will go there separate ways after the 2011 referendum, almost certainly. So one interesting question is how to divide up the hard stuff. The easy stuff is the oil revenues. Keeping a 50:50 split would probably be acceptable. But how to divide up the hard stuff? All of the buildings and infrastructure of the Sudan are in the North. The Gezira irrigation scheme, the Rahad dam, the Merowe dam. And then there are the negatives- the debt. How will these things be split? Should South be liable for debt incurred when it was in rebellion against military dictatorship? Lot's of questions arise when you start thinking about it. What cases are there for guidance? Eritrea-Ethiopia, and former Russian Federation come to mind.

Then there is the matter of ascribing new citizenship. Plainly the initial option should be for dual citizenship. Everyone should be allowed to have both passports, and be able to move unhindered across the border. or is it plain?

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