Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mr. Omar al-Bashir would never do this...

HARARE, Zimbabwe — President Robert Mugabe’s top lieutenants are trying to force the political opposition into granting them amnesty for their past crimes by abducting, detaining and torturing opposition officials and activists, according to senior members of Mr. Mugabe’s party.

Force Marshal Perence Shiri, right, commanded the notorious North Korean-trained Fifth Brigade in Matabeleland under President's Mugabe's rule in Zimbabwe in the 1980s.

Mr. Mugabe’s generals and politicians have organized campaigns of terror for decades to keep him and his party in power. But now that the opposition has a place in the nation’s new government, these strongmen worry that they are suddenly vulnerable to prosecution, especially for crimes committed during last year’s election campaign as the world watched.

From NYT.

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