Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Question for reality-based community

Which of the following propositions is more likely to be likely "true", in the sense that there is reasonable evidence and inference to support the proposition?

1) That Save Darfur, through its media advocacy campaign, changed the bargaining position of the Darfur rebel groups, making them more intransigent, thus prolonging the Darfur civil war. [For extra credit: Show how the advocacy campaign led to the splintering of the rebel movements.]

2) That Omar al-Bashir, in his role as commander of the Sudan Armed Forces, and president of Sudan, had command responsibility for numerous crimes against humanity and war crimes on a large scale across Darfur, targeting in particular three ethnic groups (Fur, Zaghawa and Masalit). [For extra credit: Find examples of initiatives by President al-Bashir to speed and enable humanitarian and peacekeeping missions in their efforts to bring humanitarian relief and security to Darfur.]

Teacher note: No credit given for answers that say that one or the other is "possible".

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