Monday, April 20, 2009

Dr. Lam Akol In A Heated Interview With Stephen Sackur..... BBC

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Lam Akol is pretty sharp generally, but I found him incoherent when he discussed the ICC... at one point his argument is "Where was the international community when the same al-Bashir was waging war on the South?" with the implication being that the international community is simply "playing politics". But the argumentation makes no sense. There are a number of assumptions or implications that, if examined, lead Akol to incoherence.

i.e., so Akol's premise is that al-Bashir is a war criminal then in South and now in Darfur... but was only indicted/punished for Darfur, and so that invalidates the ICC indictment. Huh?

Alternatively, al-Bashir is just a general in a messy war, but then why ask the rhetorical question about "where was the international community in the war in the south?"

Alternatively, the premise is that back then the interest of the international powers was to have a peace agreement, now it is to have regime change... but, if anything, the reverse should be true... back then it was the interest of the U.S. to have regime change and now it should be the interest to have peace and overlook the war crimes... So the conclusion? (not stated by Akol)- it must be all Save Darfur's fault- they ruined it for everyone!

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