Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why not take it at face value?

All you ICC critics... admit your unworthiness! President al-Bashir says the indictment was actually a really good thing for Sudan!

Bashir has challenged the arrest warrant by make foreign trips to countries in the region. All the states he visited however are not legally obliged to apprehend them.

One African ambassador at the airport described to VOA the turnout as “an ironic show of solidarity” for a man facing war crimes charges.

The envoy, who asked not to be named, said it is ironic because many Africa leaders fear that if President Bashir can be prosecuted, they could be next.

President Bashir at the press conference dismissed the notion that the arrest warrant by ICC could restrict his travel and create negative influence in his country.

“We went to this summit to show those who said we couldn’t travel out side Sudan that we can travel outside Sudan” he said adding “nothing can intermediate us into stopping traveling”

Bashir believes that the ICC decision has actually brought positive contribution to his country.

“Unlike what people might think the issued arrest warrant has rather strengthen our bond with countries of African Union (AU), Arab league and also with international organizations” he said.

“It also has strengthened the unity of the Sudanese people” Bashir underscored

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